Sunday, 20 September 2009


Today at band practice Gemma lent me her 70s/80s comic for girls called Misty. I'm completely enthralled by it and can't seem to put it down. It tells dark tales of a young girl trying to make it in the pop industry but sells her soul to a mean record label and it ends with them erasing the tape of her song which in actual fact makes her skin dissapear! Dark!

Another story involved a young girl who jumps on the back of this boys bike but he turns out to be a werewolf. Its a lesson to all girls.

I also learnt how to read palms, my future doesn't look too bright plus it was quite clear I would never have children :/ However it does say that the marriage line(which is the one that tells you about kids) can sometimes develop later in life so hopefully this situation may improve.

In other news, I love the Rough Trade photo booth and the flower market at Columbia Road on a Sunday. Sunday is my new favourite day xxx